IgniteU | Equipping YOU for Kingdom Work


IgniteU is an intensive, four-semester program meant to activate and prepare God's people for effective Christian leadership. Now, more than ever, God's Word is being challenged, misinterpreted, misused and ignored. Be part of the solution by getting the knowledge and training you need to walk in purpose in a relevant way.


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What We Teach

IgniteU uses interactive teaching methods for greater understanding of God's Word and its place in every facet of life. Each class begins with a Toastmasters exercise to challenge you in public speaking and leadership. Whether you are called to preach, teach or simply want to grow deeper in your faith walk—IgniteU is for every person desiring to be an effective Christian leader in today's ever changing world.

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Course Study

Although we strongly recommend starting IgniteU in the fall at the beginning of the course study, registration is ongoing and students can join at any time. Currently, classes take place on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Beginning fall 2017, students will have a choice of Tuesday or Thursday classes. Classes are $10 each with a one-time $5 registration fee.


Courses in this semester:

  • The Kingdom: Foundations & Principles
  • Understanding God's Idea
  • The Canon: Bible History & Facts
  • Bible Study Techniques


Courses in this semester:

  • Hermeneutics: Bible Interpretation & Theory
  • Homiletics: The Art of Preaching
  • Apologetics: Defending the Faith
  • Catechism: Putting What You Believe to the Test


Courses in this semester:

  • Church History
  • Vestments & Sacred Ceremonies
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Discipleship & Evangelism


Courses in this semester:

  • Church Planting
  • Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Pneumatology: Study of the Holy Spirit
  • Eschatology: Study of the End Times