By signing the venue rental contract,
you (as the Individual/Organization) agree to the following:


  1. The Individual/Organization shall pay the amount specified for hire of the space, facilities and any fees and charges arising from the hire by the agreed dates.
  2. The Movement Centre expressly reserves the right to revise its fees and charges. However once a deposit is paid against an invoice no revision to fees will occur unless the conditions of hire are altered.
  3. The Movement Centre shall not be liable in any way for loss or damage incurred due to the exercise of its rights under clause 2 (above). Whilst no compensation is applicable, The Movement Centre may at its own discretion refund any portion of amounts paid on account of fees.
  4. The Individual/Organization agrees to comply with all requirements of the Local Government Act and any other relevant act, by-laws, rules or regulations, made hereunder and shall be liable for any breach of any such acts, by-laws, rules or regulations.
  5. The Individual/Organization shall be responsible for the cost of making good any damage or loss caused to the objects, buildings, furniture, fittings and equipment arising out of and/or in the course of the Hirer's function.
  6. The Individual/Organization shall vacate the premises by the agreed time set out in our written confirmation. Specific arrangements to extend must be confirmed by
  7. The Movement Centre. Any extension of time or failure to vacate the premises at the agreed time shall incur an additional fee (based on an hourly rate).
  8. The Individual/Organization must leave the premises in clean condition. Failure to do so will incur additional cleaning charges.
  9. Smoking, naked flames, or animals are not permitted within The Movement Centre. Food is not permitted in the sanctuary.
  10. Any goods, properties or materials brought in by or on behalf of the Hirer, are the responsibility of the client. The Movement Centre accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of goods or materials left in the building prior to, during or after the event. All deliveries or collections for events must be arranged with and approved by Event Management prior to delivery or collection.
  11. Signs, banners and decorations connected with the event must be approved by The Movement Centre prior to the function. No nails, screws, adhesives or fastenings may be driven into or attached to the walls, doors, glass, floors, furniture, fittings and equipment without the express consent of The Movement Centre.
  12. All sound, electrical and lighting requirements must be approved by The Movement Centre prior to the event. Interference with, or alteration of any of the electrical installations, lighting, sound systems, or other property is prohibited.
  13. A representative of The Movement Centre will be on-site for the duration of the event. Any instructions given by The Movement Centre's representative in relation to the conduct of the function must be followed immediately. The Movement Centre's representative has the authority to terminate the event should any instructions or contract conditions not be observed.
  14. Either party reserves the right to terminate the contract. If the Individual/Organization terminates the contract more than 30 days prior to the event through no fault or breach of the contract by The Movement Centre, the Individual/Organization will forfeit 50% of the full venue hire charge for that event.
  15. If the Individual/Organization terminates the contract less than 30 days before the event through no fault or breach of the contract by The Movement Centre, the Individual/Organization will forfeit 100% of the full venue hire charge for that event. If The Movement Centre terminates the contract through no fault or breach of the contract by the Individual/Organization, The Movement Centre will refund all monies receipted for that event.
  16. All fees and charges referred to in this Agreement are exclusive of and net of any taxes, duties and/or levies imposed by any Local, State or Federal Government including but not limited to any value added goods and services and or transactions tax currently in force or introduced after execution of this agreement.
  17. The Movement Centre's facility is rented on the rules and conditions mentioned above. Payment for venue rental and any receipt or confirmation of the venue rental shall be an acknowledgment and acceptance of the conditions herein contained.