How to Study Your Bible

If you've been to Bible Study or Dig in at 10 the last few weeks, you know Pastor Lathan is pushing us more and more to enhance our personal study time. Gone are the days of glossing over details or reading whatever page your Bible opens up to.

Here are some helpful resources to build your individual Bible study—many that Pastor Lathan uses. 

Study Partners

Use a combination of these along with your Bible:

Study Tips

  • Pray first. Ask God to illuminate His word and give you guidance and the ability to focus.
  • Study a little at a time. It's tempting to read in chunks. But, when really digging in, try to pick only one or two passages to focus on. Between cross reference Scripture and using all your study partners, you'll likely get more than enough revelation to fill your time.
  • Question the text. Where does the story happen? Who's involved? What events took place before and/or after? The more context you have, the greater your understanding. Peel off as many layers as you can to get more than a surface view of what God is saying. 
  • Read slowly. Every word matters and details are important—even the weird names! Remember, the Bible is one idea. Each detail connects, so avoid breezing over a word or sentence that seems like it can be skipped.
  • Write it down. If you aren't taking notes during study time, you're doing yourself a disservice. When you get revelation or clarity, write it down. This also helps with memorization. When God gives you an idea based on what your read, set reminders and memos in your phone.
  • Apply the lesson. How does what you studied apply to your life? What Kingdom lessons did God reveal? Life application makes your Bible study relevant to you. Place yourself in the story.
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